Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cooking Club!

Cooking Club Blog
After reading a story about a muffin munching dragon, students discussed their interest in learning more about cooking and baking. As a group we discussed resources we had at school and began to develop a plan for a cooking club!

I am excited to announce that we will be having a cooking club twice a month during fourth grade recess! This group of students will have 30 minutes to learn and make a food item. The students have expressed their interest in learning how to make the food items listed below. We would love for parents and community members who also share a passion in cooking to volunteer to lead a session. Students are wanting to learn more about cooking and are excited about it! Our students also plan to add blog posts to our shared blog at and upload videos on Youtube on Melissa LaShure's Youtube channel.

If you are interested in leading a session please contact Melissa LaShure at If you would like to donate cooking items please click here to see a list. You can drop them off at the school or mail them to West Noble Elementary ATTN: Cooking Club 5294 N US 33 Ligonier, IN 46767.

Students are interested in learning how to make the items below.
Chicken Strips
Eggs - sunny side up etc.
Cake - They would also like to learn how to decorate a cake.
Ice Cream
Rice Krispy Treats
Jello Treat
Dirt Pudding
Cinnamon Rolls