3rd Grade Business Math
     I had my students practice a variety of math skills by creating a business. Each student was able to create their own business and 5 products that their business made and sold. Students interacted with fake data to practice a variety of math skills. One of the students favorite activity was playing store. This was a great activity because students practiced addition, subtraction and counting money. After completing these activities my students scored well on their post test and showed great growth! Below is a link to the lesson, I hope it gives you some inspiration!

Business Math

3rd Grade Math Exploration
     After watching the first IMMOOC video I decided to create a lesson that was less structured to allow students that ability to explore and problem solve. I normally spend anywhere from half an hour to an hour or more when making lessons, this one took about 10 ten minutes. I love the idea of allowing students to learn in a less structured environment where they can have ownership of their learning. I teach special education, so I am excited to see how this goes!

Here is a link to my Measurement Exploration lesson.

3rd Grade Math Problem Solving
During the first week of school our third graders reviewed problem solving skills. I had my students make a four square on their paper. Inside each square they had to write down information from the story problem that they needed in order to solve it. I feel that this process helped them read the problem carefully and enabled them to have success in solving the problem.

Once the important information was noted, we used stickers to create an array to solve the problem. The pictures below show student and teacher examples. I will be using this method through the school year as we dig deeper into problem solving!