Thursday, November 24, 2016

Breaking Down Walls with Tech Integration

I recently attended the H.E.C.C. conference and walked away in awe of what is possible. The conference was filled with aha moments and thousands of ideas and possibilities to take back to the classroom.

Never before had I considered looking at apps or programs that were created for businesses, to use in the classroom. For example Augment, Sketchup and Holobuilder. These are great tools for the classroom but they were not created with that intention. I loved hearing about how educators tweeted out about how they use Holobuilder and now Holobuilder is using suggestions from educators to improve their product!

On the last day of the conference I accidentally attended an I.T. session. Wow, talk about being lost. At first I thought, great this session is a waste. As they continued to dive deeper into the backside of what makes technology work in the classroom, I began to see how the I.T. department plays a crucial role in technology integration.

They know the ends and outs of the programming of the devices, apps and programs we use with students. Think about what could be achieved if educators and I.T. personnel collaborated on projects. What would be possible if we collaborated to make the inconceivable, conceivable?

In order for successful technology integration to happen, educators and I.T. personnel need to be collaboring and co-creating.
-How often do educators and I.T. personnel connect and share ideas and knowledge?
-How can you begin to co-create together?
-Why not work together in the classroom to make the inconceivable, conceivable?

Break down walls and barriers and make things happen!